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Residential Painting

Reach our company whether you seek interior or exterior residential painting Richmond Hill ON experts! Our team covers both needs. And does so with the professionalism you expect from a dedicated team that counts years in this sector.

At Richmond Hill Painters, we have a very long experience in this business. Our professionalism lies on our persistence to remain up-to-date with all new things in our industry – anything from colors and equipment to painting techniques. This way, we offer fresh ideas and better consultation to our customers. Naturally, the quality of work is high. If you seek Richmond Hill painters for a local residential work, take a look at what we do.

Interior residential painting in Richmond Hill

Residential Painting Richmond Hill

Count on us for your interior residential painting in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Want all rooms painted or just a few of them? Or is this a request for a kitchen cabinets painting job? Whatever changes you want to make indoors, let us know. We cover all needs. Should we talk about colors? Color combinations? Whether you want wallpaper installed or not? Our team provides consultation on such matters from the beginning and has the equipment to make your decision a lot easier.

Like we do with all residential painting services, we first focus on the condition of the surfaces. There’s usually some damage, imperfections, blemishes. And all things – from tiny holes and bruised corners to ceiling flaws and wall damage, are addressed. The painters start their work by fixing all such imperfections, aiming at creating smooth surfaces – a clean canvas for the paints to stick well, make an aesthetic difference, and last for long. Ready for your interior painting?

Best house painters for exterior jobs too

If you are seeking a specialized in exterior jobs residential painting contractor, we are still the team to contact. Painting exteriors is a big job. And since it’s demanding, it must be done right from the start. With us on the job, you have no such concerns. Like we do with interior jobs, we first pay attention to all cracks, flaws, and imperfections on exterior surfaces. These are expected since exterior surfaces get a lot of beating over the years. For this exact reason, they are perfectly prepped, primed, and painted too. The painters assigned to the job come equipped to wash, scrape, sand, fix. They take care of the entire exterior – the deck, the siding, the fence, the doors, the windows.

Of course, you still get color consultation from our residential painting Richmond Hill team. You get solutions, ideas, and advice for optimal results.

The residential painting contractor you want for all jobs

Rest assured that the paints used are ideal for the exterior or the interior, the preparation is always done with respect to the material, and the timelines are respected. If you are interested in working with us but want to hear the numbers first, don’t hesitate to schedule your free estimate appointment. Let’s do that first and please know that there’s no obligation on your part – none whatsoever. Just in case you choose to assign the job to us, prepared to be amazed by our professionalism and the outcome of the Richmond Hill residential painting service.