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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Richmond Hill

Specialists in crown molding and trim painting Richmond Hill ON services stand before you and are ready to take over your local project. Want to tell our team at Richmond Hill Painters what you have in mind?

Trims are found in all parts of houses – inside and outside. They are the main features of all spaces, from offices to warehouses and condos. Crown molding proudly stands above all other pieces of millwork to close the gap between the wall and the ceiling, to decorate, to even make the room look taller.

What you likely want is to breathe new life into your old moldings – anything from the baseboard and the casing to the crown. Or, maybe you want to change their color. Perhaps, you want the interior painted and the service to include all trims too. To keep it short, any job that would involve the painting of millwork falls into the area of our expertise. For trim and crown molding painting in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we are the team to contact.

Easy to get a free estimate for Richmond Hill crown molding & trim painting

Booking in Richmond Hill crown molding and trim painting takes a phone call or a message to our team. Don’t you want to know details about the service, the process, the timeframe, the cost? We are ready to send a pro your way. We always do so when people approach our team for a painting job. It’s important for us to understand the customer’s needs, to check the structure and the possible surface blemishes, to suggest colors and color combinations, to give choices among finishes, and to provide advice. Of course, we also offer a free estimate – free of any obligation as well. So, if you want the trims at your business or home painted, don’t give it another thought. Give us a call or write us a note.

Trim and crown molding painting services

The properties vary and so are the trims and the painting job needed. To ease your mind, let us just say that we are experts in millwork, all types – crown molding, window casing, baseboard, door casing, column trims, chair rails, picture rails – should we go on? And we are available for all crown molding & trim painting services.

  •          Do you just need crown molding and trim painting?
  •          Want to combine the painting of all trims and crowns with the painting of doors and windows?
  •          Want interior painting and all crowns and trims painted too?
  •          Do you want all trims and crowns painted – the wainscoting panels painted as well?

As you can see, you can make any painting combination and trust us with any service.

From the crown molding to the baseboard and casing, painting you’ll love

Now, what’s also important is that all trims and all crown moldings are prepped to be blemish-free and smooth for the painting job. And whether they are made of wood, composite, PVC, flexible materials, or else, you can trust our experience and commitment to use the right paints and follow the needed preparatory stage steps. Your millwork is painted perfectly to attract attention or remain mute – anything you like but surely to make an impression. If you like to discuss your job, contact us. Choose the experts in crown molding and trim painting in Richmond Hill.