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Brick Painting

Wondering if brick surfaces can be painted? Of course, they can. Though, our advice is this: if our understanding is correct and you plan brick painting in Richmond Hill, it’s best to entrust the job to our company.

Why should you do that, you ask? Because we have experience with brick painting. By choosing Richmond Hill Painters for the job, you can be certain of the exceptional results.

If you are interested in a brick wall painting service in your Richmond Hill home in Ontario, take a minute to see how things are done with us and why we are the team you can trust with this demanding project.

Trust us with brick painting in Richmond Hill – request an estimate

Brick Painting Richmond Hill

In Richmond Hill, brick painting just became an easy task. You contact our team, tell us about your brick wall and your painting expectations, get a free quote & consultation, and arrange a date for the service. Simple. Isn’t it? Since there’s no obligation, you can make contact with our team to get the information needed and thus, decide what to do without pressure from anyone.

Let us say at this point that our team is available for all services. Want to change the color of an interior brick wall? Is your house’s exterior covered with brick and you want it painted another color? Do you want something slightly different, like stone wall interior painting? In any case, trust our team’s expertise.

Skilled pros paint exterior and interior brick walls

The Richmond Hill painters assigned to such jobs have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to prep and paint brick surfaces. Such jobs are demanding because brick easily absorbs moisture due to the material’s porosity. It goes without saying that there are coatings designed especially for such porous materials and these are the coating the painters use. Also, they take into consideration the location of the brick surface. Painting exterior brick surfaces requires taking into account the climate and all elements. Sometimes, this is important for interior brick wall painting too, like if there’s brick in the basement or bathroom.

Besides, inappropriate paint coatings will be absorbed by brick too and the results will not be good. Why risk it?

From whitewashing and limewashing brick to solid color, painting choices

The brick wall painting techniques vary to suit different aesthetics. Brick is often whitewashed to leave some traces of its classic red color seen through. It may be limewashed for a chalky matte feeling. Or, it may be painted any color you like to have a solid look, from grey to white.

Despite the painting technique, the pros first clean, fix, and prep the brick surface. Dust, debris, grime, and dirt are removed. If there are any cracks, they are filled. All flaws are addressed and the surface is prepped before it’s primed and painted.

Don’t risk the results! Now that you know our team and are aware of our availability for such projects and expertise in painting brick walls, why should you take chances? If you want to entrust the brick painting to Richmond Hill specialists, choose our team. Talk to us.